Mom’s Beauty Secrets for Skincare


Today, I'm sharing my mom's best kept secrets for skincare and favorite DIY at home facemasks. If there was ever a post that mattered, this is it. Pay close attention.

If I had a penny every time someone told me my mom could be my sister, I would be rich. And what's more, is that it's actually a comment I'm getting more and more even as I grow older. What does she do that keeps her skin wrinkle free? It's almost as no time at all has passed on my mom's face. I truly think in this topic, mother knows best. It's not a short term sprint but a marathon. 

Amid all of the advice my mom has dispensed over the years, aging gracefully has been the main topic. It's very Russian to appoach life in this way, so both my mom and grandma focus heavily on skincare and prevention. Given that these two women have incredible results, I thought it was my duty to pass along their wisdom. 


1. Always wash your face before bed, moisturize, dont' sleep on your face

2. Your pillow should be silky to prevent wrinkles + wash your pillow case every couple of days 

3. Facials should be done every 14-20 days to keep the skin bright, clean, and firm. Only do facials with people you TRUST. It only takes one person to ruin everything. 

4. My mom doesn't believe in botox, instead she gets facial massages to help with firmness and lifting. Plus, a nightly routine of a facial and neck massage for 2-3 min . 

5. Less is more. More beauty products doesn't always equal better results. A lot of products can actually do more harm and overwhelm it. Stick to what works for you and gradualy introduce products over the years.  

After reading books and others advice on general beauty principles, I've realized my mom's appraoch  is very close to those of French women (perhaps more closely to the Parisian woman) in the ways that she has always took care of her skin: enhance your features, believe your're the best, don't try to look younger, but rather the best you can for your age.  



If you're in need of a fast deep clean and brightening on a budget - this mask is very simple but effective. Apply 1/2 a mashed banana evenly on the skin until it darkens. After 20 minutes, wash your face mimicking a facial massage for 2-3 minutes. Skin is left feeling smooth and velvety. 


This mask is great for cleaning and helping balance dry skin. To begin, clean the skin off of 1 cucumber then grate (using a grater) the cucumber in a bowl. Take 1 egg and divide the egg yolk and egg white in two different bowls.  Add the egg white to the cucumber mash and whisk together until smooth. Apply to face evenly for about 20 minutes and wash off using cold water. Immediately, pores look smaller and skin is hydrated and brightened.