Best Loungewear Brands


Staying home is now the safest thing we can do to protect ourselves and others. With the new dresscode to match, I thought I would compile a list of best loungewear brands for May 2020. These are cute enough to not get ouf of all day and chic enough to also do your zoom-meeting in.


Staying at home I’ve renounced any type of outfit that is not soft or fuzzy and comfortable. Before COVID-19, my yoga pants were my go-to loungewear with a t-shirt but honestly even the yogas seems restricting now. Am I the only one?


I posted a question on my stories asking you guys what were your favorite brands. I got huge list of all different types of brands and I’ve reviewed all of them. 


I was REALLY impressed with the Oak + Fort and Pangaia. I've just finished reading Fashionopolis - a book about the future of our planet and fast fashion. It really got me re-thinking my shopping habits and being more mindful of what and how much I'm buying. 


All of the pieces from OAK + FORT fit like a glove and the quality is also very nice for the price tag. The pieces I ordered are soft and a bit stretchy which is what I prefer. The line offers both classic styles and some a bit contemporary. I will def be ordering more when this quarantine is over. 


I am currently writing in my this tank top in Light Sunshine with a subtle square neckline which I think I’m going to be obsessed with these warmer months. I ordered one in white and in this color +  an emerald green cami.




Below are a few of my favorite loungewear brands for any type of style or budget.

Lou and Gray 


Free City 


Mad happy 


Les girl les boys

 Oak & fort 



Albion fit 




Barefoot dreams

Cotton citizen


Nordstrom also has  great sales right now and offers a wide variety of styles at every price point

Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorite brands, I'm always looking for more as this is now my uniform.

Image courtesy of Pangaia.com