Mom Knows Best – 13 Bits of Life Advice


Although we are apart, I started to realize how much of my mom's advice and nurturing is actually a huge presence in my life and no, this is not some therapist jargon or Freud post. Some things she taught me are so engrained in me, I don't think I could ever live another way.

So here in NYC, 2,581 miles apart, I'd love to share with you my mom's advice, because all mom's know best and because I actually miss my mom so I think this will make her happy. :) With social distancing due to coronavirus, some of us don't have the privilege to be with them right now.  

1. You must always keep your sunglasses clean and free of smudges. It's your first impression on someone since your face is usually what is noticed first, and obvi sunglasses, if you're wearing any.

2. There should be no excuse for not taking off your makeup at night. (In high school I actually got yelled at if I did not.)

3. And you must ALWAYS moisturize. Serum, lotion, eye cream. Never too early to start. 

4. All clothes must be ironed and stored neatly. Otherwise, and I do a direct Russian translation here, "you look like a cow chewed your clothes."

5. There is never enough shoes, or Chanel, or Chanel shoes. 

6. A lady always has a well done manicure and pedicure because it's your signature. If your polish gets chipped, it must be removed. Clean hands and feet show the world you care about yourself and in turn, about others.

7. Wearing sunglasses to prevent wrinkles in any time of day. I'm not joking, my mom wears sunglasses even when it's raining in Seattle to prevent squiniting. Obviously, she has different types of colored lenses for different weather for safety.

8. Clean. Apparently cleaning actually does make a difference. 

9. Take a shower, even if it's in the middle of the day, it will always make you feel better even with what's happening in your life at the time. 

10. If you eat dessert, just tell yourself it won't make you fat. If you manifest it, it happens. (I'm still debating on this one but I try this theory out once in a while..)

11. Pull yourself together, you're strong.

12. If you're feeling sick, tea with honey and lemon will cure it.

13. Stop worrying about a break up and do some work. It turns out that indeed, working gives you a meditative state of "flow" and you forget about other things due to the brains inabilty to multitask and in result you don't worry about said break up. So again, Mother knows best.


Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing moms out there! And even cat and dog moms, too :)

Mom and I at a Paris Fashion Week presenation