6 Positive Affirmations For Encouraging Self-Talk During Quarantine


Imagine you have access to a space that is only yours, without any fear, anxiety or anger, and it’s always with you. The power of positive mantras is set let you set sail on a course that has only light and positivity.

I understand this is easier said than done, but it gets easier the more and more you repeat it to yourself.

Louise Hay first introduced me to this concept when I read her book, Mirror Work. I have then taken what she has taught me and made it my own. I repeat my positive mantras in the morning, whenever I have a moment to myself during the day, and before I go to bed.

Some of you know I have been taking Integrated Health classes at the University of Arizona. This is heavy inclination on self-care and meditation. 

Positive mantras can be anything that sets a positive intention, makes you feel good or grateful, or something you personally want to work on. There is no right or wrong. Do what feels right.

6 Positive Affirmations for Encouraging Self Talk During Quarantine

Today is a great day.

I am strong and nothing will hold me back.

I bring positive value to world

I let go of my fears and embrace my power.

I am worthy of self love

I choose to see the bright side in all situations

How do mantras help benefit us?

They serve as a pay of repetition that gets the mind into a meditative state to help becoming more present. Using mantras can help with dealing stress, anxiety, and calmness.  

Repeat these to yourself for 2-3 min at a time or write them down on a note to leave as a reminder or as a screen saver on your phone. 


I didn’t really believe in positive mantras until a few months ago but I truly have felt a difference. It mostly helps me now when I realize that I am on a train of negative thoughts, I repeat these mantras to myself and these mantas help guide me back to self love and peace. It’s like sun on a rainy day.